Sid Avery: In the Spotlight: Hollywood Entertainers January 10 — February 7, 1997

Hollywood in the 1920s and 30s was glamorized with the help of pictorial photography -- soft focused dreamlike studio portraits of celluloid elite. The 1950s saw a dramatic change, as the public hungered for more candid images of their favorite stars. One of the leading photographer of the day was Sid Avery, whose natural candid capabilities gained him respect from some of the most private people in the industry. One of his most famous photographs, Humphrey Bogart with his son and a pregnant Lauren Bacall, is testament to his diligence as a photographer and his ability to recognize poignant moments within the mundane. Other images include Audrey Hepburn taking a bike ride with her dog on the Paramount lot, a beefy Rock Hudson lifting weights with his trainer and Marlon Brando sharing a laugh with the camera. Through Sid Avery's photographs we gain access into the normal lives most celebrities lead.


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In the Spotlight: Hollywood Entertainers , 1997